Video Controller Software

Video Controller Software






  • Up to 4 Preview Windows
  • Video Queuing
  • Play to Multiple Monitors
  • Auto Detection of Monitor Set Up
  • Display Years Text on idle
  • Independent Volume Control
  • Video Sorting and Renaming
  • and more

Video Controller Software

This software was designed to help the brothers manage the technical aspects of the Mid Week Meeting.

It is provided for free for use by Jehovah s Witnesses worldwide. You must provide your email address to access the download.


Software In Action


At this time I am not accepting any more language translations. Thanks so far to those who have helped.

The End Of Development

This version brings to an end the development of Video Controller. Except for bug fixes. But I have good news! Instead of its current form where you have one application for Video and one for Time and Music, I am building a new merged version. I will release this later. I expect beta testing on this version to start in February.Once this is complete, I will start accepting translations again and release it in more languages. I just don’t want to waste anyone’s time translating twice!!


Known Issues
  • Import Feedback still on the agenda to be improved.
  • preview trackbars not yet active
  • url streaming not yet active
  • status window not yet active
All issues above are on pause.